Ventolin Inhaler: Instruction for Use

Asthma is a pretty unpleasant and even dangerous disease that requires strict monitoring by patient, suffering from it. Asthma is considered to be infectious and allergic disease, it is characterized by bronchospasm. Bronchoconstriction is a sudden contraction of bronchial walls muscles, accompanied by bronchi narrowing, which in its turn leads to deterioration in ventilation. As a consequence, there is an asthma attack, panic.

Ventolin Inhaler, instructions and reviews about which are described below, can help to facilitate patient’s condition and prevent bronchospasm attack.

Albuterol Treatment during Pregnancy

Chronic Diseases during Pregnancy

Tonsillitis is a chronic palatal tonsils inflammation. Disease symptoms include: throat irritation, as well as pain, general weakness and fatigue, slight fever, dry cough. One of risk factors during pregnancy are centers of chronic infection at the mother, the most common of which are usually ENT organs – nose, sinuses and throat with tonsils. Palatal tonsils are bodies taking active part in immunological defense mechanisms formation. However, often repeated inflammation of tonsils due to bacterial infection, inhibit immune system production and cause chronic tonsillitis development.