Asthma in Children: Management of Childhood Asthma with Proventil Inhaler

Asthma in ChildrenChildhood bronchial asthma is a chronic inflammatory disease of the upper respiratory tract. The disease is mainly of allergic nature, and its first signs can appear in children under two years old.

It’s not easy to identify asthma. In childhood, we experience different viral diseases similar to asthma and characterized by bronchial obstruction, but in these cases attacks are rare while at asthma they are regularly repeated. The main causes of childhood asthma are exposure to different allergens or heredity.

Signs of Childhood Asthma

Asthma symptoms appear one-two days before an asthma attack. The initial signs are the following:

  • Strong dry cough before or after sleep;
  • severe nasal congestion;
  • moodiness just before a bronchospasm;
  • shortness of breath, heavy breathing;
  • breath whistling;
  • untypical pressure in the chest;
  • skin rash, itching, wet eyes.

A childhood bronchospasm may occur at any time.

Asthma Diagnosis in Children

  • A specialist collects data on child-bearing, pregnancy and its complications, a newborn’s feeding, form and time of complementary foods;
  • Symptoms of the disease should be reviewed: from the moment of their first appearance to an attack;
  • The allergen is determined with the help of a skin test, but if the child has recently had an asthma attack, the test is not conducted, as this can provoke a repeated bronchospasm or exacerbate the existing one;
  • A specialist determines specific antibody concentration in blood;
  • Indicators of breathing are reviewed. If they are reduced, we can speak about the bronchi narrowing and the presence of asthma;
  • Daily asthma diagnosis in children – a peak flow meter – is carried out with the help of a special portable device that measures the speed of the air outlet during exhalation. The data is written in the diary – you can recognize the asthma attack approaching when the measured data is changed.

Bronchial Childhood Asthma Treatment

  • The child is isolated from the allergen;
  • Diet. If any food allergy is determined, the product is completely excluded from the child’s menu. But in any case carbohydrates and animal proteins are limited;
  • Asthma drugs – selected individually for each child;
  • Treatment of childhood bronchial asthma is carried out with the help of asthma inhalers, which produce the maximum and rapid effect (Proventil, Albuterol). Special tools (nebulizers and spacers) are used to relieve the drug inhalation.

Childhood Asthma Treatment: Proventil Inhaler

Asthma Inhalers OnlineScientists have introduced drugs for asthma relief with chemical composition similar to epinephrine. Such drugs are called beta-2 agonists and possess properties of epinephrine without any side-effects.

Proventil (Albuterol) is a bronchodilator acting on beta-2 receptors of bronchial muscle. These receptors produce relaxing effect on the airways (bronchi), and the result of this action is bronchial tubes expansion.

Beta-2 agonist action starts a few minutes after inhalation and lasts about 4 hours.

Proventil is one of the most popular and effective asthma medications for children (the active ingredient Albuterol (Salbutamol). You may buy Proventil inhaler (Salbumatol, Albuterol) at Online Asthma Inhalers:

Asthma Action Plan

You need to assist emergency asthma treatment as soon as you notice shortness of breath. Otherwise, asthma exacerbation will develop quickly and turn into asthmatic status, causing serious asthma complications.

If parents notice the attack at the very beginning, they should act in the following way:

  • Remove the allergen if possible;
  • open a window – let fresh air enter the room;
  • use asthma inhalers (Proventil, Albuterol) with a bronchodilator effect, which must be selected in advance and always be “at hand”;
  • allergic reactions may be reduced by special tablets, which are also prescribed by a specialist;
  • conduct diversionary procedures: hot foot bath or mustard on the calf muscles;
  • steam inhalation using a soda solution, where you can add herbs such as eucalyptus – this procedure should also be discussed in advance with your doctor.

If all these steps do not produce a visible effect within next few minutes, the emergency aid of childhood bronchial asthma is carried out by the specialists:

  • Oxygen therapy;
  • hormones, bronchodilators, aminophylline;
  • repeated injection of bronchodilators, but under the supervision of a physician;
  • symptomatic asthma treatment;
  • in a severe case – tracheotomy;
  • in the asthma attack is severe, the child is hospitalized.

Bronchial Asthma Prevention: Online Asthma Inhalers Advice

The good immune system will help improve the child’s asthma condition, so a child requires proper nutrition. Vitamins are necessary components of a child’s diet at asthma.

Preventative measures to relieve asthma in children:

  • Breastfeeding if possible or a competent selection of feeding;
  • complementary foods if allowed by a pediatrician;
  • elimination of allergenic foods from a child’s diet, especially chocolate, nuts, honey, citrus;
  • elimination of some things the house – dust collectors: rugs and wall hangings, curtains made of heavy fabric, feather pillows, etc .;
  • no animals or fish aquarium in the house;
  • hypoallergenic washing agents;
  • regular wet cleaning;
  • frequent room ventilation.

An important preventive factor is a normal psychological atmosphere in the family – peace, love and support – which decreases asthma attacks and improves the general health of all family members!