Hormonal and Non-Hormonal Methods of Asthma Treatment

How to Cure Asthma?

To cure asthma is not an easy task. Approaches to treatment are defined according to disease’s form and its severity. Much also depends on what man represents himself:

  • if he has any other disease;
  • what is his character;
  • habits;
  • what about his family circumstances;
  • whether he is calm;
  • whether there are reasons to experience anxiety;
  • what about his work.

And yet, despite many features of sick people, there are some common approaches to disease’s treatment, which we discuss in this chapter together with Asthma Inhalers Online, an authoritative distributer of inhalers for asthma. In its assortment there is Ventolin – the most effective short-acting medications for asthma attack arrest.

The greatest desire of person who feels choking is to quickly get rid of it. Every patient with asthma knows what to do, for this case bronchodilators drugs (inhalers) have been created. Some of them are sold in form of special aerosol dosed inhalers online: Eg salbutamol – Ventolin, Berotec, Alupent, Atrovent, etc., some – tablets, they are administered intravenously, as well as aminophylline. There are special medicines, particularly for children treatment. All of them are intended to facilitate the main disease’s manifestation – bronchial narrowing.Asthma Treatment

However, many patients know that very often there are situations when, after relief caused by such inhalers, nubilizers, spacers utilization, deterioration comes again, and drug has to be used more and more frequently and in ever larger doses. Why is it happening in such a way?

Results of such inflammation are:

  • bronchospasm;
  • edema;
  • increased mucus production.

Therefore, if you do not influence on it, in many cases asthma manifestations will be repeated and reinforced. Sometimes initial, very mild forms of disease is limited by bronchodilatation, however, and in most cases, requires an impact on inflammation, which is considered asthma foundation.

The ideal option to combat inflammation is to avoid contact with allergen – for example, do not leave city in period of grass flowering, which correlates with asthma, or eliminate animal hair. But how to get rid of house dust? And in other cases, in practice this situation is much more complicated. Therefore, there are inhalers that can suppress bronchial inflammation.

Such drugs are divided into two large groups:

  • non-hormonal, ie not containing hormones (hormones that are used in bronchial asthma, in medicine it is called corticosteroids);
  • hormonal, that is made on basis of glucocorticosteroids.

Some of them are well known to people suffering from asthma.

Non-hormonal drugs include:

  • Intal;
  • Intal plus;
  • Ditec;
  • Tilade.

Hormone medications are:

  • Inhacort;
  • Celestone;
  • Triamcinolone;
  • Ventolin inhaler.

In some cases, patients with established type of allergy use special treatment – administered in very small doses of subcutaneous allergen to which patient reacts when it penetrates into bronchi. In this case, human immune system is rebuilt, as it is adapted, and man does not respond to inhaled allergen. However, this method does not always help, but only for certain types of allergies there appointed and carried out by a specialist only.

Many patients will say that they are administered antibiotics as well as expectorants, and physiotherapy; some carry out bronchoscopy or hemosorption. Indeed, in some cases, this treatment is used in bronchial asthma, but only for special indications, and decision of such a treatment should be made by doctor.

Thus, the main approach to asthma treatment is prevention or development of allergic inflammation in bronchi, or its cancellation, if it has already developed.

A logical question – what about Buteyko breathing technique, acupuncture, herbals, psychics? Is fasting helpful? Some people even try to drink their own urine – the so-called Urinotherapy. As for gymnastics, hardening, diets – Asthma Inhalers Online will describe you below. Such quite common treatment methods sometimes significantly improve health. Even today, there are many mysteries in human body, probably unknown to us mechanisms of disease development affected when patient talks about a significant improvement after visiting psychic.

On the other hand it is known that asthma is disease closely associated with state of nervous system and beneficial effect can lead to improvement. In general all “strange” therapies are most commonly associated with suggestion or persuasion. However, person is free to choose methods of treatment, which he likes. In this sense, doctor should not be a cop, and hospital – prison.

However, Asthma Inhalers Online staff strongly recommends you to consult a doctor, and then go to psychic, herbalist or drink urine, and not to leave the traditional methods of treatment during such experiments. Our recommendation is related to the fact that, as shown by numerous cases, as a result of such “strange” treatment, you often contribute to general state deterioration because traditional treatment was started too late, such patients (often on the advice) have poor health, waiting for a miracle. On the other hand, people with asthma may experience such a method, not suitable for him due to disease’s nature, and then it may develop such aggravation, which will be very difficult to cope with.

Non-Hormonal Medicine for Bronchial Asthma Treatment

More than 30 years ago, British scientist Altunian (who suffered from severe bronchial asthma) synthesized a substance on which the drug has been produced, it has been widely used all over the world, and is now known to many people suffering from asthma. This is INTAL. Chemical name Inta – cromolyn sodium (sometimes known as cromolyn). For asthmatic patient’s, it is important to know because sometimes there appear in pharmacies analogues of this drug under different names. Therefore, it is met with an unknown name, recommended to you at pharmacy as generic one, it is useful to look at its chemical name instructions.

This drug prevents development of allergic inflammation in bronchial walls or removes it when the process is only at beginning. We must remember that Intal is not suitable for breathlessness attack arresting or wheezing, it is preventive drug.

Relatively recent the drug was invented, similar to Intal, but more efficient. Its name – Tilade (chemical name – nedocromil sodium). Tilade is a drug that is intended for prophylactic treatment. It is not effective in attack, but with regular it is used to prevent disease’s exacerbation. Tilade has a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect, which is comparable to low-dose hormonal inhalers. In addition, in case of painful cough Tilade is able to exert an antitussive effect.

Asthma Treatment with Glucocorticosteroid

Asthma Treatment: Possible or Not?Now we will proceed to a very complex and difficult topic, namely, treatment of bronchial asthma by means of glucocorticosteroid hormone. These medications include:

  • Inhacort;
  • Aldecin;
  • Pulmicort Inhaler;
  • Benacort;
  • Becotide;
  • Beclomet;
  • Triamcinolone;
  • Dexamethasone;
  • Celestone;
  • Polcortolone;
  • Prednisolonum.

Many people with asthma do not want to be treated with these drugs, because they are afraid of side effects provoked by their application that’s why they prefer to apply Ventolin, Proventil or Advair Diskus to take asthma under control.

Sometimes in this regard patients with the most modern drugs for bronchial asthma treatment blame doctors themselves, but most often it is “advisers” fault – the other patients, people who are not directly related to medicine, etc. Let’s see what are these drugs. Corticosteroids are the most potent anti-inflammatory treatment for asthma. They reduce swelling, promote sputum discharge, struggle with bronchospasm. These drugs are produced in form of a dose inhalers in aerosols, tablets, solutions for injection. They are used for long-term prophylactic asthma treatment, and for relief of severe exacerbations (solutions for intravenous and intramuscular administration, tablets).

The use of inhaled corticosteroids in metered aerosols has revolutionized bronchial asthma treatment – now doctors and patients use powerful and safe means to fight the disease.

Such means include:

  • Ventolin inhaler;
  • Proventil inhaler;
  • Flovent;
  • Serevent;
  • Seroflo.

At present, it is recommended the use of inhaled steroids in the early stages of disease, because studies conducted in different countries have shown that quality of patients’ life increases as a result of this treatment. How, then, consider warning of “well-wishers” not to use hormones? For bronchial asthma treatment of moderate flow in adult it is necessary 800-1000 mg (may be more) of inhaled corticosteroids per day.

In 2 tablets 10 mg of prednisolone drug contains. The dose of 1000 mcg is lower than dose of 10 mg to 10 times. Thus, patients with asthma, who are treated with inhaled steroids, receive a dose of the drug 10 times less than if he took pills. Such doses are very effective, and that it is important to be safe: they hardly enter blood and do not perform on other body’s functions. With the help of inhaled steroids it was able to effectively control disease and improve quality of life.

It must be remembered that inhaled steroids include prophylactic anti-inflammatory drugs – they are intended for everyday use, but these drugs do not help in a fit of suffocation.

There are certain rules for the use of inhaled steroids:

  1. Firstly, these drugs need to be used together with a spacer. The spacer helps drug to penetrate more deeply into bronchial tree and prevents it from entering and accumulating in oral cavity;
  2. Secondly, when inhaled glucocorticosteroid you need to rinse mouth and throat with water or eat something.

Fear of taking steroids is caused by the fact that long-term hormone use is fraught with serious complications:

  • osteoporosis;
  • high blood pressure;
  • erosion appearance;
  • stomach ulcers.

However, in some cases, asthma can be serious condition, inhaled medications do not help, and the doctor must begin treatment with these drugs. You should know that if there is a choice – asthma attacks, which make it difficult to breath, day and night, or steroids intake, you need to choose steroids.

Complications that arise from constant shortness of breath, is much more dangerous than complications from taking pills or applications of asthma inhalers. And it is important to note that severity of condition is determined not by patient but by physician. In order to reduce side effects, you need to know rules of their application: tablets of corticosteroids should be taken in the morning.

In severe asthma exacerbations in patients not taking steroids continuously, course of these drugs should not exceed 7-14 days at a constant dose reduction. In the first 2-3 days it is accepted maximum drug’s dose, which makes it possible to have 3-4 days to reduce the dosage. Other schemes are possible as well. This so-called “short courses” of corticosteroids application do not lead to addiction to steroids and are highly effective method of asthma exacerbation treatment. After a brief treatment with steroids it is necessary to continue steroid application in aerosol or inhaler form.